Pawnable Items


Wooden Nickel Trading Co. provides instant cash loans for GOLD and PLATINUM jewelry.  Highest prices are paid for fine estate jewelry.    Unlike many other pawn shops, Wooden Nickel Trading Co. also loans money for scrap GOLD and PLATINUM jewelry. Turn your old broken rings, chains and bracelets into quick cash.  We also provide instant cash loans on GOLD and PLATINUM coins and bullion.


Wooden Nickel Trading Co. will accept electronic equipment for pawn provided it is not older than two years old. We accept Televisions, DVD players, DAT players/recorders, Mini Disk Players/Recorders, Computers, Video Cameras and Stereos.

Electronic equipment must be clean and in good working order. If the unit was originally sold with a remote control, you must bring in the remote. Sorry, we do not loan money for any mobile (car) audio system.


Wooden Nickel Trading Co. provides instant cash loans for quality photographic equipment. Some of the acceptable cameras area: Nikon, Hasselblad, Leica, Contax, Bronica, Canon, Pentax, and Minolta. Wooden Nickel Trading Co. does not loan money on instant cameras or “point and shoot” cameras. We specialize in quality photographic equipment. If your camera is not listed here, please call and ask.


Wooden Nickel Trading Co. is pleased to announce that we now provide confidential cash loans for museum quality works of art. This service is available by appointment only. Please call or e-mail for a confidential appointment.

Wooden Nickel Trading Co. also loans instant cash for Musical Instruments, Tools, Binoculars, Telescopes, and much more. Still have questions? Just give us a call or E-Mail us your questions.