Can I trust?


M.A. Griffin & Sons has been in business at the same location since 1981. For over a quarter century we have treated our customers with the respect and dignity we would like to be treated with if we were the ones getting the loan. It is for this reason, over 95 percent of our customers are repeat customers.

Many have been coming into our store since we first opened our doors in 1981. First-time customers are often amazed at the family-like atmosphere between us and our customers.

"I heard somewhere Pawn Shops take stolen merchandise. Is that true?"

Absolutely NOT!

Contrary to what the movies or sensationalist TV programs would lead you to believe, pawn shops do NOT knowingly deal in stolen merchandise. In fact, the local police department receives a copy of EVERY pawn transaction we do. This protects everyone involved in the pawn process.

In addition, M.A. Griffin and Sons has a "zero tolerance policy." That is, if anyone brings us merchandise that is later determined to be stolen, that person will NEVER, EVER be allowed to do business with us again. We hate thieves as much as you do and we will willingly and cheerfully testify in court against anyone bringing us stolen merchandise.

"What about my privacy?"

At M.A. Griffin & Sons we will NEVER divulge your personal information to anyone.Your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, boss or neighbor will never know you are borrowing money from us unless you tell them and we will never sell your personal information to telemarketers.

The ONLY exception is law enforcement gets a copy of each and every transaction we do. This protects everyone involved in the pawn process.

"I don’t want to get ripped-off.Your prices are really low, is it REALLY gold and diamond jewelry?"

Rest assured if we say its gold or platinum it IS gold or platinum. If we say it’s a diamond it is truly a diamond. We test every single piece of jewelry we loan on.

The reason our prices are so low is sinple: We don’t pay as much for our merchandise as a jewelry store and we don’t pay enormous commissions to our sales staff. Every M.A. Griffin & Sons employee receives a straight salary and no employee receives commission on any sale. This insures the price you pay is the lowest price possible.

"Why would I want used jewelry?"

Since the begining of time, no one has ever knowingly thrown away gold or platinum. It is simply too valuable to discard. Gold and platinum is constantly being recycled into newer designs.

At Wooden Nickel Trading Co. we like to say our jewelry isn’t "used" it’s pre-owned!